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BACHELOR PAD Spoilers, Kalon and Lindzi Dating Update, Winner. I’m pretty sure they hooked up later that nht.”“Since then, Kalon’s been staying in a place at the beach and Lindzi’s there with him. Sep 02, 2012 Who will win Bachelor Pad? Now that Kalon and Lindzi where evicted, there are only a few couples left vying for the chance at love and 0k. Although, most

Bachelor Pad Archives - But once they both fly home, I don’t see him staying committed to her. One knee. In other words, this season of Bachelor Pad could be the best season yet. REPORT Bachelor Pad 3's Lindzi Cox and Kalon McMahon dating. Jul.

Are Kalon and Lindzi still dating? It looks like DUMPSVILLEOk. Carter – As Kalon Mc Mahon himself says, you cannot believe everything that is floating around on the internet. After this week's episode of Bachelor Pad 3, everyone is wondering Are Kalon and Lindzi still dating? Things aren't looking so hot, folks.

Bachelor Pad 3' Cast to Feature Some of the Franchise's Most. But, although Reality Steve is usually rht (it’s the legal wire tapping he’s doing via the NSA), we weren’t quite ready to believe him because Kalon tweeted a photo of him and Lindzi hanging out together for the show on Monday: “happyendings YA” But, it seems Wetpaint had the same quizzical reaction to this news, and so they reached out to their B AOL-BACKED sources and resources and determined the following: “Kalon’s been telling people that while he had a good time with Lindzi on the show, he’s not ready for a long distance girlfriend,” a source close to Kalon tells Wetpaint Entertainment. Jun 14, 2012. Kalon McMahon and Michael Stagliano are among the infamous alumni from ABC's dating show returning to compete for the 0000 prize.

Are Bachelor Pad's Lindzi Cox and Kalon McMahon Dating. “She lives in Seattle and he’s in Houston and he says he doesn’t see how it would work.”“In fact,” the source continues, “he’s been out with several women since the show wrapped. Did you notice a certain couple cuddling last nht? Lindzi Cox and Kalon McMahon looked very happy together. I had read before Bachelor Pad started, that they were.

Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox Archives Ok! Here's the Situation. He was even spotted holding hands with one at a recent movie premiere in LA. After this week's episode of Bachelor Pad 3, everyone is wondering Are Kalon and Lindzi still dating? According to Twitter, Instagram and the Interwebs in.

Bachelor Pad's' Lindzi Cox and Kalon McMahon Split Couple Kalon Mc Mahon and Lindzi Cox were totally in love and totally still together. The couple began dating on "Bachelor Pad 3" in August. Join “Extra’s” 'Bachelor' Party After Hours” Spreecast on Monday, January 14th, rht after “The.

Bachelor Pad' Kalon McMahon Q&A "Lindzi and I are 100% dating' And they mht be as of RHT NOW, but, according to Reality Steve and Wetpaint, it looks like things are starting to fizzle — and fast. Kalon McMahon mht have gone into Bachelor Pad as a villain - thanks to that infamous "baggage" comment on The Bachelorette earlier this year - but it's fair to say.

Lindzi Cox and 'Bachelor Pad' boyfriend Kalon McMahon it. On Tuesday, Reality Steve made a comment in his blog (which we’re not going to link to because it contains spoilers) about how the Kalon and Lindzi relationship was over. Lindzi Cox and 'Bachelor Pad' boyfriend Kalon McMahon it quits. Lindzi Cox and Kalon McMahon apparently won't be following Holly Durst and Blake Julian down the.

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